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Akhmad Jazuli

Software Developer / Programmer

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About me

Hello... I’m Akhmad Jazuli, Software Engineer based in jakarta. Currently working as backend, android dan ios developer at one of the most famous news portal in indonesia. I've been making websites and apps for 8 years and i enjoy it more than ever.


  • Fluent
  • PHP (Codeigniter, Laravel, Phalcon)
  • MySQL, ProstgreSQL, MongoDB
  • ReactJS, VueJS, React Native, jQuery
  • Redis, Memache
  • Queue service like RabbitMQ or ActiveMQ
  • CSS
  • Good
  • Networking System & Wifi
  • Web server and security
  • Web Design (Adobe Photoshop, etc)
  • JAVA (Spring, Hibernate)
  • Visual Basic 6 & .NET
  • Fair
  • Flash with action script & xml
  • Cassandra
  • Search Server / Indexer: Elastic Search, Solr, Sphinx

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